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phpMyIB -- MySQL Incremental Backup

(uses php)
  Since 2003 April, I was worried about redundant backups of my web databases. By November, it became a mere necessity, since any modifications on the server needed to be reflected onto a local machine such that periodic reports, printouts, financial analysis scripts etc can be run on the intranet.
  I had enquired to several people about this at the linux-bangalore 2003 regarding taking icremental backups of running mysql databases, that too having transactional tables. Most of the delegates told me that is not possible.
  This gave me the challenge, and after many digging, and reading manuals, I came to know about mysql's bin-log option which just logs only the changes and that too as the exact query which invoked the change. Precisely what I wanted. Starting in this direction, with the my poor knowledge in programming (some php, some shell), have finally arrived at something which has changed my daily backup nightmares
  Now a days, instead of downloading 10 to 11 Mb bzipped full dump, I am getting uncompressed files less than 100 k every hour and patching it to a locally running MySQL.
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